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Natural herbs have health benefits including: immune support, heart, joint, mental, and skin health, weight management, as well as, anti-viral and anti-inflamatory to fight against pneumonia, tuberculosis, bronchitis, and much more.

Herbs can also be blended together for added benefit. Here are some of our herbs below:

-Elderberries/Mullein (sinus allergies/lungs)

-Moringa (superfood)

-Bladderwrack (brown sea moss to give you all 102 minerals/nutrients)

-Ashwagandha (maintains stamina and stress)

-Blesses Thistle (Bitter tonic for healthy digestion, liver, gallbladder function, It is also a valuable women’s health)

Sarsaparilla (Blood purifier, Rejuvenate your body promote healthy skin, hormone balancers, joint care, athletic performance)

-Damiana (Mayan Tonic Boosts Desire & Performance

Reproductive health)

-Maca Root (Promotes energy & stamina

Libido, Hormone balance)

-Blue Vervain (Frazzled nerves, eases pre-menstrual stress, calms digestive upsets, and even helps to soothe minor head discomforts, support liver and gallbladder functions)

-Chlorella (Nature’s High Protein, Detoxifying Superfood)

-Wheatgrass (Revitalizing Well-Being)

-Eyebright (Maintains healthy vision; supports healthy sinus; supports healthy respiratory function; herbal seasonal sensitivity support.)

-Rose Hips (supports the immune system; respiratory function; gentle diuretic; supports kidney, bladder and urinary tract health. Provides adrenal stress support; blood vessel & arterial support; promotes healthy tissue repair; promotes healthy circulation.)

-Lemon Grass (Promotes digestion; relieves gas, stomachaches, abdominal cramps; calms nervousness; improves taste of medicinal-tasting teas).

-Hibiscus (Supports blood pressure health already within normal range; supports healthy digestion; herbal source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids.)


Contains: herbal blends, water, no added sugar. Gluten Free, Vegan


Not FDA Approved

16 oz Just Herbs Herbal Juice Blends

$25.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
  • Contains: herbal blends, 100% juice, no added sugar. Gluten Free, Vegan. 25+ different natural herbs blended in 100% juice for those that cannot consume sea moss due to iodine allergy and thyroid conditions requiring meds.

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