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Set Me Free by DragonFly
Single from DragonFly Unleashed Album 


Evolution of Dragonfly

Transcending galaxies and dispelling the realms of lies;
I’m sent to manifest the kingdom here on earth by reaching beyond the skies.

No limits or no boundaries to create the me that you see;
Uniquely crafted and cared launched
globally for His glory.

Transparent wings to show you where my strength lies;
Also seeing my iridescence clothed with a variety of color that shines.

Walking in prosperity, strength, peace, harmony and purity...


By DragonFly
DragonFly Chronicles Vol 1

DragonFly Poetry 06.10.2023.jpg

ABOUT DragonFly

DragonFly aka Marcia Moore has been writing poetry since age 12. Marcia uses poetry to express  emotions of her journey through life, love and spirituality. As dragonflies bring deep meanings to light, the duality in her poems speak volumes in layers to impact any and every soul with hope and light.

DragonFly Chronicles Vol 1 Poetry CD is available on CD Baby, itunes, and all streaming outlets. Marcia also has 3 published books on Amazon where e-versions are just 99 cents! Marcia: Poems From the Heart, Marcia: Eyes to the Soul and Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind by Marcia M. Harvey.

DragonFly has performed all over the tri-state area with empowering favorites including Scaled, I Matter, Local Chick and I Am Not Ready. You can find Marcia’s work under @dragonflymarcia on IG.

DragonFly Unleashed is the latest project produced by Judah Priest and Mill of Fire LLC

Don’t forget to check out her I Matter, Letter to My Sons and  No More F Boys Videos on YouTube under Marcia Marie or EataCure Wellness.

DragonFly Products



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Sports Exercise & Nutrition

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