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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Stretching is key in fitness. I actually like to stretch in a hot tub or bathtub to allow the hot temp to really relax and loosen my muscles for a deeper better stretch after a good workout...

Stretching back of thigh (hamstrings) at least 15-30 second…

Extend one leg forward. Keep toes pointed to the sky to get a great stretch for calf muscles (gastrocnemius and soleus) as well. Repeat on other leg.

Stretching front thigh muscle (quadriceps or "quads") at least 15-30 seconds...

Grab one ankle from behind like you are kicking your butt. Stand nice and tall, hold the opposite arm up for balance or gently hold on to an edge and suck your belly button into your back to tighten your core. Repeat on other leg.

Stretch the hip flexors and buttocks by holding the "figure 4" pose for 20-30 sec each leg...

Make sure you are pushing your butt back like you are sitting in the chair. One ankle crosses over to the other knee with the ankle resting on top. Hands in a triangle or prayer formation helps balance.

This is excellent for hips (hip adductors), low back (psoas), and that bootayyy (glutes, piriformis). Not only is this needed for our wines and drops, it helps relieve joint stiffness and sciatica pain.

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